You’ve probably guessed by now that this particular breed is definitely in my top 5.
Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Dobermann breed and after 20-odd years of desperately wanting this breed to call ours, our wishes have come true!

As a lot of you will know, unfortunately Dobermann’s are one of a few that still have a stigma that attaches them to be part of the “bully breed”. Those who have never owned or liked this breed, will often stereotype them as being vicious nature. Which is definitely not the case & definitely far from the rumours told!
I want to help break the stigma.
Show others that this dog is like any other four-legged animal. Let other people see that the Dobermann, are the softest, family orientate breed you’ll come across.

Like all things: show them care, love (and the food bowl…) and they too will show you the true meaning of affection, companionship, loyalty & respect that you’ll ever want and more from something that barks (quite loudly and deeply.)

With this project, I would like to photograph as many Dobermann’s as possible: bitches & boys.
So please be in contact if this is something you’d like to get your Dobe-babe involved in.

This session in total is at least £40.
£10 upfront non-refundable deposit required, £30 (Per Dobermann) to be paid on the day. HOWEVER, I am offering discount for those with more than two dogs!

Per dog includes:
- Photo session on pink backdrop and flower garland of your choice.
- Online gallery of the best images taken on the day.
- 1 image of your choice to be edited. (For editing process, please check here: )
- Matching glossy 8x8” Print.
- £5 per Dobermann booked in will be donated to West Country Dobermann Rescue.

19. ZOE.jpg


You can purchase these images as: greeting cards, phone wallets, pillow cases, tote bags, pouches, stickers, scarves & even notebooks to make it the perfect gift to treat yourself or a fellow Dobermann fan!


If you’d like to be a one-off donation today West Country Dobermann Rescue please feel free to do so. All donations appreciated!


If you’d like to get your Dobemann involved in this project, would love to hear from you! Please let us know your location as with enough interest I may be able to come visit!



Please be sure to book in your Dobermann’s for this session.

£10 non-refundable booking fee required | £30 per Dobermann (£40 package)
£5 from per booking will be donated to West Country Dobermann Rescue.