On this glorious day we decided to take a little trip down to one of our local and biggest farm to have a day out somewhere without the dogs (we wanted to take them with us, especially Zoe but due to the heat it was definitely kinder to leave them at home.)

Paris had just gotten his new lens and really wanted to test it out rather than just on Zoe, so off to Trevaski’s we went!

The weather has been so and too good here in Cornwall the past few weeks and trust me, that takes a lot for me to say this as I am a total “Autumn-Winter Baby” - I adore the cold, I love wrapping up and just being snug. So this hot weather and when your wardrobe is 70% black, isn’t good. But to make the most of this weather before everyone starts moaning it always rain, was definitely in my best interest to get strawberry picking!

I enjoy strawberry picking, it reminds me from when we was little. Every summer holiday without fail, we would normally go 3-4 times in the whole 6 weeks we was off and I swear it was easier then than it is now?

Maybe it’s to do with the height? (Though only 5’3”… You think I’d be the perfect height!)

But here is a little montage of images that Paris has kindly taken for me, and his words “something for the blog Pegs.” Cheers bro!

And with the montage, I’ll add in what I remember what I was feeling / had said at the moment.

Only being at the farm for 10-15 minutes and checking the first 2 plunnels…..

”I can’t seem to find any good strawberries… Guys, help… I’m sad.”


“Oh there’s loads of strawb’s down this tunnel. Guys over here!”

“Ha, look at this strawb.. It’s pretending to look like a cherry!”


Kyle: “Where did Peggy go?”

Paris: “Pegs, why are you basically crouching on the ground?”

“Well, for once in my life I’m too tall for something. If I crouch like this, I can look up and see all the good strawberries. I’m actually seeing loads now. See for yourself! Lots of big red juicy strawbs.”

As we walked down to the other find other strawberries, there was actually a sign that read “if you can’t see the strawberries, kneel down and look up! Red fruit above your head.” 😏

So in the space of probably 30-45minutes, I had actually filled up my punnet with enough strawberries for us to eat and for me to add into the dog treats we just decided to roam around as it’s been a while since we last visited this farm and we hadn’t done anything like this since we’re “adults” now. We walked over to the apple tree’s and when we was walking back, I had for some reason walked ahead in front of the boys so waited for them…. To hear from a short distance…

“Peggy! Cow!”

I knew there was a few behind me, but I proceeded to moo back and Paris literally managed to snap it.
Thanks brother-dearest.

“ No, there’s an actual cow behind you. Not that I was calling you a cow.”

Which makes a change, and then he actually got a shot of me mid-smiling.

And this only ever happens when I have to for family pictures or caught on surprise, like this.
I promise, in person, I am smiling just very rarely for photos. Yuck.

So in all a good trip was had here and I even treated myself to some Teoni’s Cookies (Marshmallow) when we nipped into the shop to pay for a handpicked strawberries. Always try and support local business as and when possible and for a punnet of the red juicy-sweetness for only £3.71 I really can’t complain!