Holding your own Meet up / Walk?
Organised a Fun Dog Show?
Please think of us!

We love getting out of the studio and meeting new faces (and familiar if you’ve already met us!)
With enough given notice you may be lucky enough to have both photography & videographer capturing some special moments for you.

We don’t charge our services for being at the event, but we do ask that a minimum of 5 dogs to be present.

So if you have you are hosting your own meet up with particular breeds, or a fun dog show, please think of us!


Paris (the videographer) | Able to attend with at least 3 weeks notice.
Paris aims to get the video edited within 2-3 weeks from the day of the event and the footage can be anything between 1.5minutes - 4.5minutes.
The audio he uses is from a site that features royalty-free music, if you have something in mind you’d like to be used, please be in contact.

Peggy (the photographer) | Able to attend with 1 weeks notice.
Peggy will go through each image individually, hand editing and removing any images she feels that they are not good enough (blurry dogs, ect.)
On average, there can be up to 750 images uploaded onto the website. The images will be password protected & can be retrieved with contacting the page and/or email or even from the person who hosted the event.


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