International Assistance Dog Week: 4th-10th August | BINGO | 05/08/2019

I have been super busy as of lately that I was really hoping to be uploading more onto the blog but I really wanted to make sure that this particular booking was not only promoted before the week is out but to show you how remarkable Assistance Dog’s really are!

Kelsey and I finally found and set a date when we was both available for Bingo to shine bright and show off his skills as taught and train by his owner and handler, Kelsey. So glad that we did something different as well!

Assistance dogs are amazing animals which help people in a wide range of ways, from guide dogs for the blind to mobility and medical alert.

Bingo is a psychiatric and (non-weight bearing) mobility assistance dog. He helps his handler in amazing ways, from picking up items she's dropped and passing them back, retrieving her medication when asked, alerting to anxiety and going to find help if her hip gives out from beneath her and she can't get back up.

Bingo is amazing and at being 10 years of age, it just shows no matter what the breed or age of the dog, that anything with the right training and patience, anything is possible!

Here are my favourite edited snaps from our session (trust me, it was difficult to narrow it to 25 from 98.)

Hand & Homemade Yummy Treats for your Woofs! (Or even yourself?)

Dog & Human Friendly
No Additives, Preservatives
100% Gluten & Wheat Free!
And vegan* too…

(*I do NOT recommend giving your dogs a vegan diet! They need meat and protein in their diets.)

Super easy & simple to do and takes roughly about 25-30minutes in total for these gorgeous little treats that your dog (and even yourself) can enjoy.

Granted, for human consumption, it’s a little bland but you can alway make another batch up and add in sugar, salt or whatever to your own personal taste. Obviously, take in mind and remember which is theirs and which is yours - you do NOT want to be feeding your woofers sugar / salt.

I have done a hell of a research in triple checking that certain things are okay for dogs to eat and I have made sure that non of the ingredients I’ve used includes palm oil, any form of sweeteners, sugars & salt!
As much as I am a fond believer of supporting local independent business, I will be honest and mentioned that everything I purchased was from Tesco. As this was basically spur of the moment but I wanted to check that high-chained superstores offers these things (I know they do, slap my wrist next time!)

So everything sourced and used are all 100% dog friendly.

~ 1 Cup Buckwheat Flour
- they sell this in Tesco. Found in the aisle for couscous, rice is found - where we found ours eventually! But take note that it’s just “buckwheat” and we just blended into a flour when we got home.
~ 1-2 Teaspoon 100% Organic Coconut Oil
~ 1-2 Banana
- one my first batch, I only used 1 banana and found that the scent wasn’t strong enough, so on the second batch, I added another.
~ 2-3 Teaspoon 100% Peanut Butter


  1. Preheat your oven to 200 C.

  2. Mash up your banana! I just broke it up into 4 bits, placed into a medium bowl and got the fork out to mash it up! Keep it going until you get basically a paste. If you’d rather your banana a little lumpy, don’t mash too long.

  3. Little at a time. Add your flour into the banana paste and just mix it in. Keep adding flour until you’ve made a nice dough-texture/like batter.

  4. Now, I personally think it’s best if you melt your coconut oil down.
    Take a couple of teaspoons and add into a microwavable bowl and have it on for 30 seconds. Now with the heat from the bowl, as and when you’ve taken it down it will still melt. With the teaspoon, just add little droplets into the mixture and gently knead the “dough”.

  5. Ready for the preparation!
    Depending on what mould you are using (let’s pretend you’re making them into bone shapes like the ones I did previously) take a ball no bigger than a £2-Coin and roll in your hands, if you find that the mixture is too sticky, use your buckwheat flour on your hands and roll.
    This will help immensely. And then just squish it down into the mould.

  6. Once you’ve completely empty the bowl out, place them into your oven. I found that 10minutes was okay, but it wasn’t golden-brown enough for me, so I left them in there for a total of 20minutes. Once done, take them out of the oven and let them rest/chill for 5minutes.

  7. Now, I find another way to add a bit of glaze onto your treats. If you’ve any melted coconut oil left over, use the rest of that and half a teaspoon of the peanut butter. Make sure it’s nice and runny and then with the spoon, just drizzle on top! Make sure to place them into the fridge so the oil sets nice and hard.

Now our clan LOVES these, even Charlie with barely any teeth. And we use this as training treats for Zoe.

These treats should last for up to a week (if they last that long) but as the weather is getting warmer now, make sure to keep them refrigerated!

Please give this treats in moderation as we don’t want any over-weight pooches slumping around.
Also check the actual ingredients from where you’ve purchase. Palm oil can make your dogs very poorly, so best to avoid as well as any form of sweetener; Xylitol especially. Not only poisonous but is also fatal.

Donut shaped mould purchased > here | Dog Bone mould purchased > here