As you may very well notice, capturing stills of your gorgeous best friend (or furry baby) is a massive passion of mine.
Being in Cornwall, we have a wide range of scenery to take advantage of, especially if the weather is by our side. But if the lush location isn't for you, I do own a home studio. So whatever the weather, let's make memories last forever.


In the family household, we do have three completely different breeds. The eldest being a West Highland Terrier called Toby (we recon he's at least 18!) Our smallest and the boss in the pack is Charlie, the toy Maltese and finally our newest “recruit” and something we’ve been wanting for a long time - yes, you’ve guessed it! Finally, we have a Dobermann! Making herself the biggest and the youngest in the home, we have Zoe. She’s not quite a year old and she is completely different again to our white fluff-balls, but we love her & all equally

If you do get the chance of booking in for a session with me in my home studio, please be aware that Charlie can be quite the diva and may seem unfriendly towards other canines as we genuinely believe that he thinks he's Zoe’s size & Zoe’s his size.
We do try and keep them away in the other room, but with them being so small they (I mean Charlie) do tend to wriggle free.
Please do not be nervous or scared of Zoe, she & Toby loves everything that comes their way and sometimes just wants to play.



My home studio is based in Camborne (few minutes walk from the train station) So quite central.
I have quite the collection of colour backdrops so if there's anything you'd like in particular please let me know and may be able to assist with your vision. 

WCDR Babes.jpg

West Country Dobermann Rescue | Edition Tote Bags.

Why not support one of my favourite, local & independent charity today but getting your hands on one of our tote bags. The dogs featured on the tote bags are actually from WCDR’s.
Medium: £25.00 | Large £30.00 - £5 per bag sales will be donated to West Country Dobermann Rescue. Please contact me to purchase.